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Permanent Accent &
Holiday Lights

Create a custom glow for any occasion & never put up lights again.

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How It Works

Our team of trained professionals at Lit Up Midwest will create a custom designed light layout for your home or business roofline. 


You can choose from several permanent installation options including hidden fasteners and channels.

After install is complete, you'll be in full control of your lighting system.  We'll show you how to use your smartphone app to change colors, zones, patterns and more - all easily customized from the ground. 


Year Round Use

Great for Holidays, parties, events, or use Lit Up lights for your home's outdoor accent lighting.

Stay Off The Roof

We'll take care of the install and you can skip climbing on the roof several times each year. 

Endless Light Shows

Choose from preset colors and patterns or design your own with the app. 

Built To Last

Your investment will save you time and money with a life expectancy of 20+ years of regular use. 


Invisible By Day.
Illuminated By Night.

Hidden fasteners and channels allow a nearly invisible permanent installation on any home or business.  You'll also get a limited lifetime warranty!

Select up to 16 million different solid, flashing or patterned light combinations and 250 colors per sequence.  You can also use the dimmable accent light feature to set your home apart in any neighborhood.

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Lit Up Light Facts


Hours of Bulb Life


Colors Per Sequence


Minutes On Your Roof


Feet Of Lights Installed


Expected Years Of Use

Affordable Lighting Options

What is your time and safety worth?  The average homeowner spends 7.3 hours per year putting up and tearing down holiday lights that are only illuminated for 3-5 weeks. 

With Lit Up Midwest's one-time installation price, you'll get up to 20 years of permanent lighting that's customizable and able to be used 365 days per year. 


Mobile Command Center

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Your Lit Up Midwest lights come with an all access smartphone app, capable of programming 16 million colors and 250 colors per sequence.

Schedule when your lights will be displayed with the easy to use integrated calendar.  Each day and time is completely customizable.

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