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limited lifetime warranty

Lit Up Midwest offers an industry leading limited lifetime warranty on our permanently installed exterior lights under normal operating conditions.  In addition, Lit Up Midwest also will provide up to 1 year of labor warranty on exterior lights - any faulty light(s) deemed warrantable will be replaced at no charge to the home or business owner.  (Service call fees are additional after 1 year from installation date on warrantied parts).

Lifespan of the controllers and power supply may be affected by technology advances or unforeseen circumstances.  Warrantied parts would be replaced as they were installed. (EX; If your home was remodeled and the power supply or controller location must be moved- this is not a warrantable condition).

Although the control board that connects to the smartphone or tablet may be covered under the parts warranty, the software that connects the unit to the device is not.  Connection issues due to a device with the app installed, wifi interference or radio frequencies are not covered under a warranty. 


Our team will connect your app with the control box and install it for the most reliable use.  As with any technology based system, faults or errors can occur beyond our control.  Down-time or lost light schedules cannot be guaranteed by Lit Up Midwest. 


This warranty is non-transferrable and excludes misuse, accidental damage, weather related faults/damage, or impacts of foreign objects.   Please contact us if you have additional questions.  


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